Celebrities Turned Businesswomen


Being a businessperson is about finding a way to make money. Celebrities have an advantage when starting their businesses: they use their fame as a clever marketing tool. And some of them are doing this really well. I have listed five celebrities with an ambition to be a businesswomen.

draperjames 2REESE WITHERSPOON – In May 2015, Reese Witherspool has launched her own Southern lifestyle brand and online shop ‘DraperJames’. Her business idea was inspired by her Southern roots. Customers can purchase gifts, accessories, jewellery & clothes for $14-400. In my opinion, website is still lacking some quality finishes, items are highly overpriced, and quality of the items is not that great.

GWYNETH PALTROW – Back in 2008, Gwyneth launched her lifestyle gwyngoopblog ‘GOOP’ to share lifestyle tips with her fans. Slowly, ‘GOOP’ has moved into e-commerce, and now website visitors can shop online. Her website has drawn a lot of critisizm over health statements and lifestyle advices, as well as prices of items for sale: ‘GOOP’ is not for bargain hunters.

imagesJESSICA ALBA – in 2011, an actress together with Brain Lee has launched ‘The Honest Company’ that sells non-toxic household products. Jessica said that an idea came to her after she became mother and she struggled to find eco-friendly diapers and other items for her baby. The company has been a huge success and last year it was announced that company was valued over 1 billion dollars.

VICTORIA BECKHAM – in 2008, Victoria has launched fashion brVictoria-Beckham-e1339807137133and with simple design, fitted dresses. Since then, she has expanded her brand into handbags, sunglasses and shoes. Victoria claims to oversee all production and design aspects herself and has successfully transformed her fame into a high quality fashion brand.


BLAKE LIVELY – famous actress has launched blog & e-shop PRESERVE in f64d4599-2937-466d-b706-b59a6e09bc36-620x3722014. Her website features people who produce handmade items which can also be purchased on the e-shop. Prices wavy from $50-1400. I must confess, I only found out about her business venture while doing my research for this blog post and I have to admire her idea to put spotlight for up-coming designers and artists that are creating handmade items.

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5 Steps To Start Climbing The Property Ladder

Owning a house in the UK is pretty big deal: while property market continues to  boom, and house prices are sky-high, here are few steps to take towards owning your own house:

1. Income – to be considered for a mortgage application, you will have to disclose your income. You need to earn money in order to keep up with your mortgage payments. Permanent Employment is an ideal employment status but other options are also considered.

2. Reduce Expenses – your income is important when applying for a mortgage but if your expenses are high, mortgage company won’t take you as a serious applicant. For example, if your monthly income are £1000 but you spend £900, that means that you only have £100 left every month. Also, reduced expenses mean you can save more money each month. 

TIP: Thoroughly check your bank statement: find ways to reduce expenses by cancelling unwanted subscriptions, memberships, shop only for what you really need etc.

3. Save – Deposit: you will need minimum 5% deposit to secure a mortgage. Saving is a DISCIPLINE so train it like a muscle: start with small amounts, learn to reject unnecessary shopping splurges. 

4. Take a good care of your Credit Scoreyour credit score is a Key that opens doors: your credit score is a radius to banks and lenders on how financially reliable you are.

TIP: I have recently ordered my credit score report from EXPERIAN for only £2. It was eye-opening as you can see what your house lender will see.

Settled accounts are kept on file for six years from the settlement date. The status history in respect of a settled account relates to the period of time prior to the date of settlement.

5. Follow the Property Market Newskeep yourself with up-to-date property market news: are prices going up or down?

Useful websites:

http://www.zoopla.co.uk – as well as searching fir the properties to buy, you can also check current value for the properties.

http://www.rightmove.co.uk – search to buy properties.

http://www.sharetobuy.com – search for shared ownership properties.

http://www.thisismoney.co.uk – all the latest updates in property market, as well as latest news on mortgages and lending.

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By simply following these 6 tips, you can save upto £2000 per year on your beauty products:

1. MAKE YOUR OWN FACE MASKS & FACE SCRUBS by making your own face masks and scrubs, you can save £75-£120 per year. 


2. DRINK MORE WATER – by drinking more water, you will increase the health of your skin which means you will need to spend less money on your skincare products. You can save £55-£85 per year.


3. BLOW-DRY YOUR OWN HAIR – learn how to blow dry your hair at home to skip weekly blow-dries in salon. You can save £520-£780 per year.


4. EXERCISE AT HOME – when you exercise your body gets more of an oxygen and makes your skin glow. Website such as Youtube & Pinterest have many great fitness tips. By exercising at home, you can save £360-£600 per year.


5. BUY ONLINE – beauty products online are 10-20% cheaper. Also, look for FREE delivery to save even more money. By shopping online, you can save £175-£240 per year.

6. BUY 1 GET 1 FREE – time to time you get amazing deals on your favourite beauty products by buying one but getting second item for free. Look out for these deals! But be careful by spending your hard-earned money on products you really need. You can save £150-£175 per year.

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3 Things You Should Do Before Starting Your Business

Here you may consider starting your own business. But before you will make a decision, there are 3 important things to think of to make sure you will have a successful creation of the future of your business.

Melanie Griffith in 'Working Girl', 1988
Melanie Griffith in ‘Working Girl’, 1988

1. You Know You Want to: Owning a business it comes a great responsibility. Nevertheless, be a businessman or businesswoman it is a great feeling, as well as financial gain. Success may not come overnight and it may be a bumpy ride, but it will be easier to overcome failures if you really really want to own a business. Determination, constant learning, and patience will get you to the destination.

2. Type of Business: Now that you showed determination, you will have to think of what sort of business you will offer to your customers. You can choose either business of: a) product, or; b) service. For example, if you know how to sew, you will offer service for customer like sawing or fixing clothes. But if you feel more comfortable of producing products, you may for example decide to create a range of t-shirts and sell it.

3. Name Your Business: so you know you want to start a business, and you chose the type of business you want to go into, but now you have to somehow name you business! Few years before I started my business, I came up with putting my family members’ first name initials in descending order of our ages. I decided, if I will ever create my own business, I will call it LGNS. But after getting a feedback from my family and friends, I have decided to add something extra to make it sound better. And that’s how I came up with the name of ‘LgnsLondon’.

By making these 3 small decisions, you will build strong foundations for your business. I am happy to answer any questions or receive Your feedback,

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