Thick Eyelash Trick

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For super-thick lashes, wiggle your mascara wand side-to-side at the base of your lashes. it will add volume at the root, giving the illusion of a full, thick lashline.

With Love, Gitana


How To Apply Eyeliner

If you struggle to apply eyeliner (liquid one or pencil), don’t be too hard on yourself – a lot of women find it extremely hard to beautifully apply eyeliner. The truth is, it does require a steady hand and a little bit of a practice.

But we came up with an easy way how to evenly apply the eyeliner without spending a lot of time and effort.

1. Apply dots along the upper eyelashes line.


2. Draw a line to connect dots. Now you can enjoy beautifully drawn eyeliner for day and night.








How To Apply A Concealer

The purpose of using a concealer, is to cover everything you don’t like: it could be spots, skin redness, black circles under eyes. With concealer you can achieve even skintone, fresh and healthy look.

1. Start by applying concealer on your forehead, above and under eyebrows, under eyes, in the corners of the eyes, draw a vertical line on your nose, on the crease around the nostril, around the lips etc.



2. Gently blend a concealer into your skin with your fingertips.



This is a good make-up base. Now you can enjoy healthy glowing and even skintone.


With Love, Gitana



We know you’re busy. But this no longer a good excuse! Because we came up with 3 simple ways for you to look perfect everyday!

HAIR – This is one of the first features people will notice about you. Washed hair makes a huge difference: your hair-colour looks fresh and brighter. For a shinier hair look, use extra conditioner and leave it for 30-45min. If you have long hair, curl it for more soft and romantic look.

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NAILS – spend 10-15min once a week to file your nails; paint your nails every 2 days; and spend 1 day a week nail-varnish free to let your nails breath.


EYE BROWS – it is more than enough to tweeze your eye brows once a week. Spend 10min tweezing your eye brows after having shower or bath. (see ‘PAIN FREE EYEBROWS TWEEZING’)


With Love, Gitana