Why We Women Should See ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Movie

mad-max-fury-road-8a Tomorrow I may feel a different way about this movie, but today I was inspired by characters’ bravery, the strong instinct of surviving and taking a lead in protecting innocents.

Truly, I thought this was a movie full of people with serious skin conditions which was hard for me to watch.

The movie was so intense that sometimes I felt my brains could barely keep up with the intensity of the speed in the story. Really, this is an action movie and maybe meant to be a movie for men but I felt the movie was a message to us, strong women, and our strong surviving instincts.

Film is based in desert, full of dirt, heat and endless sand.

While movie is named after main character ‘Mad Max’, I felt the true star of the movie was a Furiosa: strong leader, a female, so fearless in order to protect humanity and other women. Her right hand is artificial below her elbow. Nevertheless, this does not stop her to do really cool things.


It is a movie of super-cool massive truck driven by Furiosa, secretly taking away five wives of leader Immortan Joe. These five females are very precious to him and the mothers to bear his children. She wants to take them to this ‘Green Land’ where she grew up and she says it is a hope for these girls to survive and discontinue disgusting destiny they had with Joe. And he chases her with his soldiers trying to get his wives back.

Furiosa is strong and she is not afraid to show it. She does not play by the 1_Maxrules if rules restricted her freedom. From a loyal soldier herself, she turned to revel against her leader.

Mad Max, prisoner himself, escapes during a battle in chasing Furiosa and actually helps her to escape from Immortan Joe.

I was left inspired.

With Love, Gitana


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