5 Writing Tips from Jackie Collins

jackie-collins-best-sellerHave you got an idea and want to write a great story or a book? Well, you should learn from the best.

Jackie Collins is what you call a commercially successful writer. She has written 30 highly-successful novels. So, from my research I have collected some of her best writing tips:

  1. Start writing – a lot of people talk about it but not many people actually do it so just get a pen and notebook or sit on your computer and just write. Jackie writes on her notepads and then gives notes to her assistant who then types all those notes on PC and gives it back to Jackie to read again and make any adjustments.
  2. Create great characters – create characters that people will love to read about. Or characters that you will love yourself. Jackie has written so many books about Lucky Santangelo – a strong, sexy and successful kick-ass woman that people can’t stop reading about.
  3. Write about what you know – don’t write about Hollywood if you have never been there.
  4. Inspirations – Jackie gets her ideas and inspirations from newspapers, TV, and real life celebrities which she meets at the parties etc.
  5. Passion for writing – Jackie says she wakes up everyday and thinks about what her characters will do next. She writes everyday. She says she has a passion and she is not planning to retire.

When you start writing, it may not look as a best-seller but don’t give up and continue writing. Embrace you talent and and YOU CAN ACHIEVE EVERYTHING WITH HARD WORK.

Have a good time writing your best-seller book!

With Love, Gitana






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