5 Things You Need To Have To Run A Blog


So, I made a fun lost of 5 things every blogger should have or own in order to run a blog:

1. PC or a tablet – you will need one of these to write and post your blog post. It doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive – as long as your PC does the job, it is all good.

2. Internet Connection – your PC or tablet will need to be connected to a PC

3. Time – your blog cannot be run on its own. It will require your time to write blog posts, comment, follow and like other blogs; work on social media to attract traffic.

'With Love Gitana' blog
‘With Love Gitana’ blog

4. Positive Attitude – whatever reason you had to start a blog, it must come for a good place: you may want to share useful things with others, or teach other people things you are good at, or just share your experiences with other bloggers. Your passion to become a blogger will have a positive aspect to it. And that is all we bloggers need.

5. Ambition – you probably started a blog wither to make your life better, to improve other people’s lives, or simply to make a world a better place. Your blog can also be an advertisement for your business.

I hope you have enjoyed reading it.


With Love, Gitana


4 thoughts on “5 Things You Need To Have To Run A Blog

  1. I didn’t realize how much time it takes to actually sit down and write posts for blogs. However, I feel like I’m exercising my brain by doing so; therefore, it is totally worth the time!

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