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I suppose, Madonna was not the only one who had a bad day today while falling off the stage
during BRITS Award ceremony performance 2015 (I hope she is OK!).

Today I had a bad day too: for starters, I cut my finger quite deep while chopping vegetables for my lunch; secondly, I had a massive row with few co-workers while guest from another branch was visiting us at work. I was extremely upset as I was called in to a ‘naughty room’ by a manager to make matters worse.

All that time I was super-angry and kept thinking I let other people upset me and make a negative affect on me.

Looking back, I can see where I should have done things differently. And believe me, it took a lot of courage for me to make that walk back from bathroom where I tried to cool down (my face was bright red) back to office. I knew other people saw me being taking to a naughty room (I am a star worker in the office and I personally dislike passionless and lazy people). I knew people knew and there will be opinions and whispers. Just like Madonna: people will talk about it. But you have no choice but to carry on!

So, what should we all do when we are having a bad day? There are few lessons I have learned today:

  • DO HAPPY THINGS AS SOON AS UPSETTING THING HAS HAPPENED: You have to distract yourself to stop thinking of whatever upsetting just has happened to you. For example, after today’s incident at work, I was talking to people Ii like and always have a good laugh or hear good story: whether someone bought sofa or funny work-related story. Or get coffee. Anything to take you back to happier moment.
  • REFLECT ON THE EVENT AND EMBRACE IT AS AN EXPERIENCE: yes, things do go wrong in life. And we all make mistakes. But #LIVING IS LEARNING# and you should embrace it as an experience – something you can learn about yourself or others. Make Lemonade Out Of Life’s Given Lemons!
  • AVOID SIMILAR EVENT IN THE FUTURE: now that you happier and learned something new, ideally try to avoid similar situation in the future: you rather not to get upset once again – your mental health is most important.

I hope you had a good day! And if not – please share it: misery loves company!

With Love, Gitana


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