3 Signs If You Are Ready To Lose Weight

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Pretty much everyone would like to lose weight little bit there or there. The real reason for failure to lose weight is your mind-set: if your mind is not ready to lose weight, your efforts will be worthless.

I have listed 3 signs for you to check if you are ready to take journey on losing weight:

1. MOTIVATION – motivation is directly equal to your weight loss success. Your motivation should be so strong, that no challenge will scare you. Keep your positivity up and continue working on achieving results.

2. HONESTY – how honest are you with yourself? You say that you are doing your best but not able to lose weight? Take time to reflect on your eating habits: how much food and how often or when you eat? Starving all day but eating late at night?

3. PREPARATION – ahead of you is a journey which will challenge you. You will have to work on yourself, change eating habits, move your body more etc. there will be a lot of physical work involved in your daily routine, your body and mind will be challenged because if you won’t make changes, your weight won’t change.

I know how hard is to lose weight: this is something I am going though at the moment myself. Just be honest with yourself. Try to choose healthier options: always try, and If slip out of the way, make sure you will get back on the track ASAP.
Have any thought to share? Leave a comment below!

With Love, Gitana


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