By simply following these 6 tips, you can save upto £2000 per year on your beauty products:

1. MAKE YOUR OWN FACE MASKS & FACE SCRUBS by making your own face masks and scrubs, you can save £75-£120 per year. 


2. DRINK MORE WATER – by drinking more water, you will increase the health of your skin which means you will need to spend less money on your skincare products. You can save £55-£85 per year.


3. BLOW-DRY YOUR OWN HAIR – learn how to blow dry your hair at home to skip weekly blow-dries in salon. You can save £520-£780 per year.


4. EXERCISE AT HOME – when you exercise your body gets more of an oxygen and makes your skin glow. Website such as Youtube & Pinterest have many great fitness tips. By exercising at home, you can save £360-£600 per year.


5. BUY ONLINE – beauty products online are 10-20% cheaper. Also, look for FREE delivery to save even more money. By shopping online, you can save £175-£240 per year.

6. BUY 1 GET 1 FREE – time to time you get amazing deals on your favourite beauty products by buying one but getting second item for free. Look out for these deals! But be careful by spending your hard-earned money on products you really need. You can save £150-£175 per year.

With Love, Gitana


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