We know you’re busy. But this no longer a good excuse! Because we came up with 3 simple ways for you to look perfect everyday!

HAIR – This is one of the first features people will notice about you. Washed hair makes a huge difference: your hair-colour looks fresh and brighter. For a shinier hair look, use extra conditioner and leave it for 30-45min. If you have long hair, curl it for more soft and romantic look.

391677_10151124892353123_1432341274_n (1)

NAILS – spend 10-15min once a week to file your nails; paint your nails every 2 days; and spend 1 day a week nail-varnish free to let your nails breath.


EYE BROWS – it is more than enough to tweeze your eye brows once a week. Spend 10min tweezing your eye brows after having shower or bath. (see ‘PAIN FREE EYEBROWS TWEEZING’)


With Love, Gitana


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