Poem for Valentine’s Day

I wrote this poem for my fiancée on our second Valentine’s Day together (2014):

‘My Valentine’s Day Letter to D – The Love of My Love

This will be our second Valentine’s Day
I thought the only way I could get my feelings to explain
Was by writing these two hundred and twelve love words.

I could not fully explain how this has happened
But now that I know I’m trapped for life
In these greatest feelings and deep hearted emotions
I feel for you, My Love, My Darling D.

Despite me being scared and foolish at the start
You showed me new ways to love affection and happiness
And now that you are everything and everyone to me,
I would like to tell you on how you make me feel today.

That every night without you it’s my biggest nightmare
And every touch and kiss of yours is my greatest felt love sensation.
That only you can turn my worst day in the rainbow.

Many days have passed since I saw you and you saw me
And although there are many first times I had only shared with you
But the day in Paris when you asked me with the diamond ring for more
Will be my sweetest loving memory of all.

I guess what I am trying to say is –
Loving you is my greatest love sensation
And loved by you is my greatest blessing.
Love, Gitana’


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